A weekend among the beautiful islands of the Venice lagoon, seen by the traditional point of view of the water,  passing also by the channels of Murano and the colourful Burano.  With the kayak  we’ll be also very close to the lagoon environment, very interesting and full of life


DURATION  :  two days 

PRICE :   190€ / person  per 6 people group, 200€/ person  per 5 people group , 220€/ person  per 4 people group

INCLUDED IN PRICE:  Organization, professional guiding, use of kayaks and all provided gear, basic kayak tecnique teaching, overnight, dinner and breakfast in hotel

NOT INCLUDED:  Pic-nics, food and drinks bought during the stops, alcoholic drinks, transfers by car

GROUP min 4 – max 6 people

GUIDE  : kayak instructor, geologist, italian but also English, Spanish and French speaking



DAY ONE: Campalto – Murano – sant’Erasmo

Starting from the little harbour of Passo Campalto, we’ll paddle directly towards Murano. Passing through its typical channels.  We’ll explore the island, stopping also for lunch and a short visit on foot . In the afternoon, the journey will go on, heading to the green island of sant’Erasmo, where we’ll stop for the night– dinner and overnight in hotel  (DISTANCE, about 13 km paddling)

DAY TWO: Northern lagoon islands – Burano

The trip begins coasting the island of Sant’ Erasmo along the channel which follows all its western side; then we’ll head to the woody island of the San Francesco hermitage. after that, we’ll pass by the little and curious island of  Madonna del monte and then go on towards the colourful Burano, where we’ll stop for lunch and a short visit on foot. in the afternoon we’ll head north passing by the island of Torcello and entering the inner lagoon, having the chance to see the rich wildlife of this particular environment. the journey finishes near Ca’Noghera (DISTANCE, about 18 km paddling)



MEETING POINT:  Porto di Passo Campalto (Venezia) 

time to be decided



  1. Swimming shorts

  2. sandals (“crocs” type) or sneakers

  3. Two thermal shirts / micropile, one T-shirt and one with long sleeves

  4. Cap (baseball cap, fisher cap) better if waterproof

  5. Sunglasses and solar cream

  6. Dry spare clothes (to be left in the car)

  7. Clothes and shoes for the overnight evening

  8. Pic – nics



  1. Kayak, paddle, cockpit cover, Life jacket

  2. waterproof jacket

  3. Dry bags