The trip consist in the circumnavigation of Montisola island, the larger and more important island of the lake iseo. 

By the lake we’ll have wonderful sights of the colorful villages of Siviano, Carzano and Peschiera Maraglio, passing also by the olive fields and the “wilder” corners of the island.

During the excursion we’ll see complete panorama of tre lake, including the little islands of  San Paolo and loreto, and we can also have a look on the geological structure of the area.


DURATION  : one day

PRICE  : 40 €/person for 6 people,  60 €/person startig from 2 persons

INCLUDED IN PRICE:  Organization, professional guiding, use of kayaks and all provided gear, basic kayak tecnique teaching

NOT INCLUDED:  Pic-nic, food and drinks bought during the stops, transfer by car

GROUP min 2 – max 6 people

GUIDE  : kayak instructor, geologist, italian but also English, Spanish and French speaking


MEETING POINT:  Parking in via Fotane n°50, Sale Marasino (BS) 

(time to be decided)



  1. Swimming shorts

  2. sandals (“crocs” type) or sneakers

  3. Two thermal shirts / micropile, one T-shirt and one with long sleeves

  4. Cap (baseball cap, fisher cap) better if waterproof

  5. Sunglasses and sun cream

  6. Dry spare clothes

  7. Pic nic



  1. Kayak, paddle, cockpit cover, Life jacket

  2. waterproof jacket

  3. Dry bags